The association is a non-profit organization who's objectives are:

  • Uphold the rights of visually impaired persons;

  • Promote their interests;

  • Improve their living conditions;

  • Facilitate their social, educational and professional integration.

Upholding collective rights is a fondamental approach aiming at the recognition and full exercise of human rights.

Defending collective rights is achieved by:

  • Non-partisan political actions;

  • Assistance of handicapped persons who's rights have been infringed by representaion to the proper authorities;

  • Social mobilization;

  • Autonomous popular education; 

  • Raising community awareness.

The objectives of the association are:

  • Raise community awareness;

  • Promote and uphold collective rights;

  • Mobilize our members;

  • Be active in representation;

  • Organize and/or support non-partisan political actions;

  • Offer popular education acivities.

Member services:

  • Café-Info;

  • Journal Nouveau Regard;

  • Large print calendars;

  • Doccument center;

  • Active listening;

  • Support for many other needs.



Established in 1977 and incorporated in 1978, the association was born from the initiative of Marcel Clermont, Pierre Chicoine and Robert Landry following the closing of the CNIB's regional offices. They wanted to offer visually impaired people the opportunity to regroup in little workshops to make up for their social exclusion.

In 1981, the public sector took charge of the workshops and the association became an organization to promote and uphold rights. Then in 1996, the name of "Association des Handicapés Visuels de l'Estrie Inc" became "Association des Personnes Handicapées Visuelles de l'Estrie'".

  • Hélène Dubois, Coordinator:


  • Honorine Paridaens Vigneau, Assistant:


  • Adress:

    838 rue St-Charles

    Sherbrooke, QC

    J1H 4Z2

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  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Wednesday: 9AM-4PM

  • Public Transport

    Call the STS for more information: (819) 564-2687 (press 4)

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